Grease inspired look: Dress like men in the 50s


Yes, the 50s. Times where the cool guys were known for their big hair and their biker jackets.
Movies like "Grease" with young John Travolta and "Rebel without a Cause" with James Dean are a mark of this era and they inspired many people especially when it comes to fashion.
It's the time where Elvis Presley started his rising journey to stardom. He not only had a big role in rock'n'roll music but his hairstyle became one of the most iconic one's in history.

Of course as time passes by certain things come back and are being revolutionized.
Nowadays we're witnessing a comeback of the pulled back-loose hair and more high-waisted trousers so you can see the ankles. We overcame the emo hair and the baggy pants (thank god!) and now we're here in 2017.

My outfit was mostly inspired by the looks of "Grease". I love the simple look of black and white clothes and you're always good to go with a leather jacket in my opinion. It makes you always look fashionable at all times.

Leather jacket: AllSaints | Tshirt: Topman | Trousers: Topman | Shoes: Vans 

As you can see I combined a leather jacket with silver details and a belt from AllSaints (one of my favorite stores) with a simple white Tshirt which has some ripped parts in it. 
I pulled the Tshirt in my trousers so it looks more chic and I rolled up the trousers so you can see the ankles. I decided to keep this look in black and white and wore the classic black "Old Skool" Vans.

I don't like recreated outfits from the 50s/60s/70s to look like a costume that's why I am always trying to keep it as current as possible.  And I think this outfit is really current and perfect for so many occasions. 

As you go out in the city this look is totally comfortable and even in the not-too-hot summer days very appropriate. It can get quite hot with a leather jacket so it depends on the day. You can also wear it without the jacket as shown above. It still looks very cool and fashionable. The ripped details of the shirt make it stand out a little, so it's not boring. 

I hope you liked this 50s inspired look. All these looks are on my Instagram account so if you want to be updated 24/7 follow me. 

Cheers, James. 

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  1. Richtig toller Look! Die Lederjacke ist der Wahnsinn!