Men's Grooming with Redken Brews


Hey there,

I am back with another blog post. This time it is all about men's grooming. We all have our struggles finding the perfect hair products - especially as everyone has a different hair type!

I recently teamed up with Redken for their new product line called "Redken Brews". I went to visit Redken in London to find out more about their new product line and test them on my hair. Their line has a big variety for every hair type and hair style.
As you know , my hair is hard to style but it has been made so much easier to tame using these products. The texture pomade gives my hair a perfect finish for a casual hair style and the molding paste gives my hair a more sleek look.

The products that I have been able to try were different pomades, shampoos, pastes and hairspray.

Silver Shampoo - for gray and white hair
Mint Shampoo - invigorating for hair and scalp
Daily Shampoo - for all hair types
3-In-1 - Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash

Cream Pomade - Perfect for a smooth finish with medium hold.
Clay Pomade - This pomade is usable for all hair types but it is perfect for people with fine hair so it helps holding a hairstyle. It has a maximum hold.
Wax Pomade - For a workable and shiny hairstyle with a mild hold.
Texture Pomade - A matte pomade which adds texture to all hair types with maximum hold.

This paste is intended for the effortless looking hairstyle with maximum hold.

This gel gives your hair a shiny finish with maximum hold.

This hairspray has a strong hold and suits all hair types.

First of all I have to say that all of these products smell amazing. After using these I always feel like I am coming fresh out of a barber shop.
I started using the daily shampoo first which I am really satisfied with. It gives my hair a smooth texture. The mint shampoo I tried as well and it is indeed invigorating. The smell is amazing and it feels so fresh while using it. The 3-In-1 version is perfect for traveling if you don't want to carry lots of different bottles with you. It has an amazing smell as well.
I haven't tried the silver shampoo though since I don't have grey hair (yet - thank god!).

When it comes to styling my hair my personal favorite is the texture pomade because my hair is really thick and it gives my hair more texture without being too shiny and it makes it easy to achieve the look I am always going for. It definitely made my styling routine a lot easier and faster. Bending my hair can sometimes be a nightmare.
My second favorite is the molding paste. It gives the hair a more shiny look than the texture pomade but it is still really good looking. It has a good hold and feels good in the hair.

After styling my hair with the pomade or paste I like to complete my routine with hairspray so my hair stays the way I did it before. The Redken Brews hairspray has a strong hold and is not too sticky.

Thank you to Redken Brews for giving me the opportunity to test the products.
If you're interested in the products you can check their website for more information.

Until I see you guys next time.

Cheers, James.

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