Spots in New York City you need to visit.


If you're looking for a place that is overwhelming, unforgettable and unique then New York is the right way to go.  There are a lot of spots worth visiting in NYC. Manhattan is a place full of great restaurants, parks, shops, streets and people. Even though I have never been to New York before I had so many things in my head that relate to that city. 
Since I was very little I watched movies and TV shows that were shot in the city just like "Home Alone 2", "Spiderman" and "How I Met Your Mother". 
The city has so many exceptional things to offer, like no other city. That's why the big apple is so well known internationally. 
I want to share some memories of mine and show you some places I went to. I visited NYC for the first time during Christmas time and New Year's so it everything was decorated appropriately.

I started my journey in Frankfurt, Germany. I flew with a german airline called "Lufthansa" which I would definitely recommend. The airplanes are pretty much on the latest standards, the food is good and if you're flying economy you'll have a choice between vegetarian meal and meal with meat. I think we got three meals on our flight: Breakfast, lunch and a dessert. To occupy all passengers during the flight there's a screen for everyone so you can listen to music, watch movies and TV series. The selection is very diverse so there's something for everyone.

I arrived in John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York City and the first thing I had to do is go through immigration before we can enter the country. That took a while and if you're flying from Europe or anywhere outside the US be prepared. The airport is quite big so we had to find our way to the subway station. 
I went straight to the hotel I booked. My hotel was located exactly at Times Square. That was the only good thing about my hotel though. I wouldn't go there again but that's a whole other story. 

Now that my stuff was stored I could explore the beautiful city of New York and in this post I want to share with you some spots, give you kind of a guide, so you have an idea on where to go if you have never been in NYC. 

Little Italy
Oh, Bella Italia. If you're looking for some Italy in the middle of Manhattan then Little Italy is the right way to go. You'll find lots of nice restaurants with good pasta and pizza. There are of course a lot of tourists because it's kind of an attraction. You'll see the colors of the italian flag everywhere. Literally everywhere.

China Town
Right next to Little Italy is China Town. Another tourist attraction that has soooo many stores where you can buy souvenirs, perfumes and other stuff. Everything is in Mandarin there so don't be surprised. Even McDonald's.

Empire State Building
If you're enjoying a view above the skyscrapers of New York the Empire State Building is definitely a destination you must not miss. The view up there is breathtaking and yes, it looks just like on pictures. Definitely worth the waiting. I would recommend to go there early in the morning because it's getting more and more crowded during the day.

After visiting the Empire State Building there are a lot of options to find an occupation. There are a lot of stores nearby so you can go shopping if you're in the mood. Even a Macy's store is right around the corner.

Rockefeller Center
If you're not done with views yet there's an alternative to the Empire State Building. The Rockefeller Center offers a great outlook as well. I went there at night to see all the skyscrapers with their lights turned on. Such an amazing experience. It was definitely worth it for me. The Chrysler Building even shined in christmas colors and you can see the Central Park from above. A big attraction is of course the huge christmas tree in front of the Rockefeller. It's really big. I think I've never seen a bigger one. There are a few extra things in NYC you get to see during winter time and the tree was one of them.

Another tip and recommendation is the Magnolia Bakery. It's not far from the Rockefeller center. It got its attention through the TV show Sex and the City and let me tell you: they have great coffee and cakes.

Central Park
Meeting up in Central Park is not unusual for New Yorkers. Going out with your dog or simply taking a walk in the Park is in a lot of New Yorker's routine's. For visitors it's a great opportunity to appreciate the big apple from another perspective. The park is pretty big and you can see all the big buildings around you. For someone who has never been in the city this might be quite impressing.

As I said before I was there during winter time so they had a ice skating place which is very popular and well-attended.

Upper East Side
The Upper East Side is often associated with the rich and wealthy but also for their luxurious apartments. From the 59th to the 96th and the east river to 5th avenue it is considered the UES. Also internationally known through the famous hit TV shows Gossip Girl and Sex and the City. If you want to rent an apartment in this area you must expect the prices to start at $5000.

But not only that. There are a lot of museum's to be found on the Upper East Side such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of the City of New York and many more.

Staten Island
You might not be interested in visiting the island but you should still consider taking the Staten Island Ferry. Before you take the ferry you can walk through Battery Park which is a really nice park in the south of Manhattan. The ride is free (yes!) and you have one of the best views on Manhattan with all its skyscrapers. When I took the ferry I was very lucky with the weather and the timing. I went at sunrise so I saw the skyline by day and night when I went back. It's definitely worth it and the view is really worth it. The One World Trade Center is so on the focus. You can see it perfectly. Even for a nice Instagram or Facebook photo. Definitely a recommendation.

On this trip you can perfectly take a look on the symbol of New York: The Stature of Liberty. You can also book a trip to the statue and go inside. But we decided not to do it. If you're interested in doing that, do it. I bet it's a good experience.

If you're looking for nice shops and awesome restaurants, you should definitely not miss SoHo. It's the heart of NYC and not as crowded as Times Square. They have all the shops you want: Well-known stores, vintage stores, secondhand stores. It's a popular filming location as well that's why you will always feel like you've seen all places before. I had déjà vu's constantly.
The cupcakes you see underneath this text I got from "Georgetown Cupcakes". They were really delicious and they had so many different flavors.

Times Square
This is probably the most famous address in the big apple. You can find literally everything on Times Square. Restaurant, shops, souvenirs and much much more. Be prepared though: the tourists are everywhere and it is really crowded 24/7. Even at 3am the stores were full of people. Never experienced so many people in one place.

We usually started our mornings at Starbucks on Times Square. The Starbucks was really, really big and we had an awesome view every morning drinking our coffee there.

As I said before I even was there during New Year's Eve. If you're planing on doing the same thing I would recommend that you buy tickets to be at the Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve at Times Square. If you're planing on going there spontaneously than you should really think about it again because basically everyone in NYC is going to be there that night especially because there's the world famous ball drop happening. If you're going there without having any tickets you're most likely not going to see the stage where all the artists perform nor the ball drop.
We were really lucky that our hotel was located in the middle of Times Square so we had the chance to actually see the stage and the ball drop. Although our hotel was ranked the worst hotel in NYC its location was definitely an advantage for us.
The night itself was really a nice experience. There were performances by Macklemore, Miley Cyrus and a few more. Ryan Seacrest hosted the show as usual. There were really nice vibes since everyone was waiting for the ball to drop. There were fireworks when the clock stroke midnight and everyone was cheering and calling their friends and family.
After that happened the Times Square got really empty because everyone rushed home so fast. We were really surprised that everyone was leaving so early. A quite interesting way to start your new year, that's for sure.

5th Avenue
The highest-grossing street in Manhattan is 5th Avenue. With lots of luxurious stores and an extra tax the street is well-attended by the rich and wealthy and of course by tourists. Right next to Central Park, the Apple Store and next to world-famous hotels like The Plaza and The New York Palace people enjoy going out in 5th avenue everyday.

Grand Central Station
This is one of the most beautiful train stations I've ever seen in my life. You might not go there if you're not traveling with a train but for me Grand Central Station was a place I wanted to see.  The architecture is really beautiful and you feel like you're stuck in a filming location.

Wall Street
The financial hotspot of New York is the wall street. The stock exchange is located right there and the area is really neat and beautiful. Not that much of a tourist spot I think but I really wanted to see what the area looks like.

Brooklyn Bridge
There is of course a chance to get your feet on the Brooklyn Bridge. Unfortunately we didn't make it but we saw the Brooklyn Bridge from the subway to Brooklyn.
I would recommend that you take the subway everywhere you want to go. It's well networked and you can reach everything easily. In movies and TV show they often show that all New Yorkers take a taxi cab to their destinations but I think most people take the subway. Besides, taking the cab all the time would be really expensive.

Things I should've visited:
Next time I'll be in New York I have some spots to discover yet. Unfortunately we didn't get to go to the Flatiron Building. This is definitely on my to-do list. NYC is also known for their great musicals and Broadway shows. So if you have the chance to attend to a show, definitely do it. Everyone I know who went to see a show was really impressed.

Of course there are many, many more spots and places to visit. I feel like you can travel there and find new places everytime you go there. That's the exciting part about the city.

I hope you liked this post and it was helpful for your organization and planing.
Cheers, James.

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