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 Hello there,

I got these beautiful perfumes from Flaconi recently which I was really excited about.
They are called Emporio Armani You for Him & Hugo Boss The Scent Intense.

The first perfume is by Emprio Armani called „Emporio Armani You for Him“.
I got the 50mm version and the bottle is out of glass and has a round, metalic cap on it. This can be a little slippery so be careful not to drop the bottle. It is always really difficult to tell what it smells like because everyone associates different things with different kind of smells but this is more on the sweet side.

To give you the right description of what’s in this fragrance:

Top note: Pink Pepper, Violets, Cardamom
Heart note: Sage
Base note: smoky Vanilla Jungle Essence, Chestnut

Overall it has a warm note in it and makes you feel cozy. At least it does for me.

The second perfume is by Hugo Boss called „Hugo Boss The Scent Intense“.
This perfume is indeed a more intense and masculine fragrance. The bottle is cohesively very masculine and feels really good in the hand. It feels really stable and good while holding it. I got this one in the 100mm version.

The scent is described as:
Top note: Cardamom
Heart note: Maninka-Fruit
Base note: Vanilla

After testing both of these I have to say that I prefer the Armani one. I feel like it suits my style more. But at times I go for the Boss as well.

What I really love about Flaconi’s website is that they give you a proper description about every scent and you can decide what you like just by reading. That makes this entire process much easier.

Thanks again to Flaconi for sending me these fragrances. It was really fun testing these.

Until I see you guys next time.

Cheers, James.

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