Slipping from 2016 into 2017 - 7 outfits throughout the years.


It's a busy season when a year comes to an end. We have to prepare for dinners, family meetings, festive occasions and get togethers with friends. 
If you're a person that wants to dress properly for certain occasions there's definitely a struggle that comes with it. 
I mean, you don't want to wear the exact same outfit every time something special comes up in your plans. 
In this post I gathered some things I wore for several circumstances.

Thanksgiving feast
I know this may be weird to some of you but since I live in Germany, we don't really celebrate Thanksgiving. But still do I.
Having American friends comes with certain advantages and this holiday is definitely one of my favorites. I mean, who could resist such a good feast.

menstyle fashion male blogger

I decided to wear a classy beige Burberry style trench coat which I combined with a light-blue shirt with a nice collar. I feel like these colors match perfectly together.
Additionally I'm wearing a rose gold watch with a brown leather strap and simple black ripped jeans.

menstyle trenchcoat selected homme shirt

To change up this look a little you can throw over a grey sweater to make you feel a little warmer and still be stylish.
Too keep this style a little more casual I wore black sneakers.

Trenchcoat: Selected | Shirt: Selected | Sweater: Selected | Jeans: Rebel | Sneaker: Adidas Originals | Watch: Skagen

Christmas tree picking
Before the holidays even start you have to do a lot of stuff like Christmas shopping and of course most importantly Christmas tree picking.

menswear menstyle fashion casual style

This is a really simple look, nothing special but still really comfortable and modern. I'm wearing a blue-shite lumberjack shirt, blue jeans and beige Timberland boots. 

Shirt: Weekday | Jeans: Weekday | Boots: Timberland | Watch: Skagen

Throughout the years I kind of developed the need to travel when the year ends, so I can start the new year refreshed and inspired by different environments. So taking a plane or train is an essential part of that experience. I don't know about you but when it comes to traveling I am the kind of person that wants to be dressed not too heavily in winter clothing, but still wants to be stylish and comfy.
I have two looks for you from previous flights.

ray-ban clubmaster topman topshop iron maiden

It was not that cold that day so I had the opportunity to wear easy clothing like a black kind of worn-out Iron Maiden T-shirt and a light black jeans jacket which is fake-sheepskin-lined. Additionally I chose to wear light-blue ripped jeans and black suede chelsea boots. 
The look gives a rocky vibe which to me is really fashionable and so easy to create.

Jeans Jacket: Topman | T-shirt: Zara | Jeans: Topman | Boots: VOLT (Sweden) | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Clubmaster

The second travel outfit I got for you gives kind of the same vibes due to this James Dean inspired leather jacket and the boots. I'm wearing ripped jeans as well, in black though, and a greying sweater. This look was definitely warmer since it was January already but still too cold for this season. Well, you gotta do what you gotta do.

uk airport united kingdom england

Leather jacket: AllSaints | Sweater: Selected | Jeans: Rebel | Boots: AllSaints | Scarf: Weekday

Street Style Winter Look
This is my basic go to style for a day in the city. Whether you're out and about doing shopping or you're just being in the city with your friends. A coat always enhances your entire look. I chose a dark green coat - I've never had such a color before in my closet, and I really like it. 
I mixed this coat with different pieces.

menswear mensfashion menstyle style fashion male

This street in Nottingham reminds me of Diagon Alley from Harry Potter so I had to take a shot there. 
I wore blue ripped jeans and chelsea boots and a grey scarf. I normally don't like it too colorful but I feel like this is the maximum of colors I would wear together. 

style fashion menswear menstyle

Of course I had to do an obligatory tourist picture with a red phone booth. 
You can't see my sweater on this picture but it's a simple black one. 

Coat: Pull&Bear | Jeans: Topman | Chelsea Boots: VOLT (Sweden) | Scarf: Weekday

An alternative to that look is wearing the coat with a beige hoodie, black jeans ripped jeans and black sneakers. 

pull&bear topman topshop adidas originalsmenswear menstyle mensfashion fashion style

Coat: Pull&Bear | Jeans: Rebel | Hoodie: New Look  | Sneakers: Adidas

New Year's Eve
The main event which we all celebrate (probably) is New Year's Eve. Whether you're doing something chilled with your family and friends or you're going to a party, you will most likely not start your New Year in your PJ's (which to me sounds fine as well). 
To give you a little inspiration on what to wear on such an event, this was my outfit of the night. 
I would not really call this a specific NYE outfit, you could wear this at any occasion which has more of a chic vibe going on. 

james dean jacket style boots fashionjames dean jacket style boots fashion

You will now probably realize that I got that leather jacket and these boots around my New Year's Eve trip. And yes, you're right.
I wore a black leather jacket with a white shirt which has a nice and fresh collar, combined ripped jeans and my boots. Pretty simple, but as you can see a small change like wearing a different top changes the dynamic of an outfit.

Leather jacket: AllSaints | Shirt: Selected | Jeans: Pull&Bear | Boots: AllSaints 

I hope you liked all of these looks and I wish you all a good beginning of 2017.

Cheers, James. 

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