Why launching a blog in 2016?


It's 2016.
This time of age is well-known as the digital age. Everything in our society is surrounded by digital influences and online networks. To pursue a career in the online world is what drives us nowadays. The advantages of being always accessible are undoubted.

I as a person who was born in the 90s, grew up with technology becoming a big part of our daily life. My interests contain music, photography, popular culture, trends and social media. I also like to be always up to date with different cultures, societies and countries. That's why I love traveling so much. You can get to know how people are so different but also kind of the same.

Of course it is easier to get to know people from all over there world through online services. I love connecting to different people and hear all of their stories and experiences. This helps us build our knowledge about society and our character.
This blog contains all of my social media links and information I want to share about myself.

With Instagram came my interest in photography and photo editing. For some people this app is just a go-to to look up their favorite food or looks - for me it opened up a whole new interest. I realized that photography is something which inspires me and makes a lot of fun. Especially the editing and final touch ups which give the pictures their final touch. In 2014 I started posting photos on a daily basis and I got better in photography and learned so much stuff I didn't know before. All these fashion, food and travel related posts motivated me to create such a content.
I saw this app as a chance to challenge myself and improve my skills. I started to become the photographer and photo editor for a lot of my friends. They would come up to me and ask me for advise. That helped me with becoming more professional. Of course I'm still not done with learning.

Here's a little sneak peak of my content on Instagram:

A little back story:
Back when Youtube wasn't such a huge platform I started watching Youtube videos and was so inspired by people who put their work out there on the internet. I primarily watched people who covered songs and made songs their own. People such as Marie Digby, Esmée Denters and even Justin Bieber. I randomly found these people and their covers and I was so pumped to shoot videos myself.
As long as I can remember I loved singing and music - this was always my thing.
When I was 5 I started playing the flute, when I became older I started playing the piano and after that I started playing the guitar.
So in 2008 I shot my first ever Youtube video on my own Youtube account. I kept these videos online for maybe a year and then deleted them because I was kind of a kid and couldn't handle my online presence even though I wasn't really known. The fact that my surroundings knew my videos was uncomfortable for me so I deleted them but kept the account.
In 2010 I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to upload videos again. They did kind of well - at least better than the one's I uploaded before considering Youtube was getting bigger and bigger from time to time. But again. I felt uncomfortable and deleted the videos.
In my mind I always was torn between doing Youtube and not-doing it.
But in 2015 I decided to upload covers again and keep them online until this day.
I came to the realization that it is important to fulfill your dreams and in my case it was the music that kept my mind going and inspired me so much.
I started uploading 15 second covers on Instagram - I expanded my network on there and finally uploaded a cover on Youtube again. My 3rd "comeback" on Youtube if you can say so.

Oktober 2015 - Oktober 2016

On this blog I want to share my thoughts on music, the music industry and share my covers with you.
But I don't want to talk only about that. I want to give you some sneak peaks of my interests, traveling destinations and other thoughts.

It would make me happy if people joined me on my journey. I really like communicating with people.


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