Dapper Menswear: Be prepared for winter.


For me it is always difficult to decide what to wear so I do not freeze during the cold winter days and still be stylish for any occasion. 
I went to Vienna, Austria in late November to visit friends and do some sightseeing since my last stay in Vienna was a couple years in the past. After admiring a lot of beautiful places in the city one of my destinations was the world famous Hotel Sacher where the original Sacher-Torte is made. 

You don't want to enter such a nice hotel in your most casual outfit so I went for a more dapper look. Not too dapper though since this was no business meeting - I tried to keep it kind of casual too.

I don't ever like it too colorful so my outfit consists of three colors: Dark Green, Black, Gray. I'm wearing a black ripped jeans which has these ripped details around your ankle's. This small extra makes the jeans even edgier as they already are which I really like. I added a flecked on gray colored sweater to my look and completed it with this dapper dark green coat. My shoes are really casual sneakers by Adidas. I got these in white and got them in black recently. I'm a big fan of this model especially because it reminds me of the late 90s and early 2000s. 

To give this look a little more depth I decided to wear a watch which was sent to me by JORD watch. It has a wooden watch strap in a brown color and a green clock-face which matches my coat perfectly. 
Tip: Try to work with small details so your outfit fits together. It doesn't always have to be too obvious. Small details matter. 

Here's a closeup of my coffee, cake and most importantly my watch. I took my chance to snap a picture for my Instagram account. The lucky person I am they had marble tables which are so photogenic for a flatlay. 

If you wanna shop my outfit I will tell you where I got each piece. 

Coat: Pull&Bear | Sweater: Selected | Jeans: Pull&Bear | Shoes: Adidas | Watch: Jord

I hope you enjoyed this look and it inspired you in a way. 
Cheers, James. 

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